Castello quarter

Among the historical quarters of Cagliari, Castello - the Castle - has preserved at best the original constituent elements, beginning with the street structure and the character of the buildings.

The present changes are mostly the outcome of Allies' intense aerial bombardments during the Winter of 1943. Several buildings were thoroughly destroyed. Some have been later rebuilt, with 1950-1960 typology, some others reinforced or restored, and some more left in a state of ruins, unfortunately. Almost all the buildings have two free fronts at best - the main one facing the street and sometimes one on the back.

The quarter extends for about 12 hectares. As boundary line of the quarter and of the old town centre, its walls have a development of 2,5 km. Castello gently goes down from piazza Indipendenza (north side of the quarter, at 100 metres above sea level) towards the lower part (via Santa Croce, west side, at 67 metres above sea level) and via Università (south side, 60 metres above sea level). The quarter has 6 accesses.

The general structure is still the original one, dated 13th century, set-up during Pisan domination. The most important streets run along the north-south direction, with an almost rectilinear course. The secondary road network essentially consists of narrow lanes, running east-west. Most of the road system in Castello has been recently renovated, together with waterworks, underground power cables and gas pipes.

Four main squares (Indipendenza, Arsenale, Palazzo and Carlo Alberto) and three pedestrian terraces (Bastioni of Saint Remy, Santa Caterina e Santa Croce) are the only wide open spaces in Castello.

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Please note: via dei Genovesi is part of the Castello ZTL (limited traffic zone): from midnight to 9 a.m. transit and parking are only allowed with the access pass issued by the City.

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